• Not being distracted by sound around you, focus on yourself. That’s Bewave.
  • Privacy during a cellphone call.
  • Made from recycled felt, pure wool or Dutch moss and lightning.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • € 3630,- including taxes.


Inspired by nature

Bewave is designed inspired by nature. Like a sea sponge absorbs water, the wool on the inside absorbs sound. A calm, soft buzz masks sound like the wind through the trees.


How does it work?

In Bewave it is pleasantly calm. Stepping under Bewave, in the middle of a busy surrounding, you experience a moment of being somewhere else on a square meter. This is because Bewave absorbs sound. Noise moves directly into the soft surface of the material and as a result it gets reduced.


The effect of Bewave works on two sides. In Bewave your own sound will be hold on to you and noise coming from around you will be reduced so you will not be distracted by it.


Distracting noise

A continues soft buzz inside Bewave fades sounds from the surrounding to the background. It’s a pleasant buzz that you’ll hardly notice and reminds you of the wind blowing through the trees or waves of the ocean.


Where to place

Bewave is at her best in a busy environment where there is need for calmness and privacy. You can think of places like a hotel lobby, office, reception or any other busy spaces.



Bewave is available in two variations: with wool or moss on the inside. Both of these materials absorbs sounds that will make you experience the acoustic calmness.


But even though both materials have high acoustic values, the absorbance value of the wool is higher than moss, because of the shape and pattern of the balls. Therefore the effect of absorbing sound is higher in Bewave with wool balls.


The colour of the felt is light grey. On the background we use colored stitching, which can be chosen in several colours. Also the color of the electricity wire can be chosen.

Are you interested in the Bewave? Please contact us at or call us on +316 4101 7050.