Wool wall


In short:

  • Acoustic comfort in noisy spaces because of the absorbed sound.
  • The product is made of pure natural sheepwool.
  • Available as standard panels and as a costum made product.
  • Costum made options in size, form, colour and pattern.


How does it work?

The wool wall absorb sound because the sound travels directly into the soft surface of the wool and as a result it gets reduced. The wool balls will absorb the noisy sounds and hold on to them so they will not go around in the area. Behind the wool balls is an extra layer of wool isolation what will enlarge the acoustic absorption.


Where to place

The wool wall will be at her best in spaces where there is a need for improving the acoustics. You can think of places like a restaurant, office space, at home or any other busy space where there is need for calmness.



The wool wall comes as a standard panel or is custom made. However we call it standard panels still every panel is unique, because wool is a natural product and therefore never the same. So keep in mind that the colours can various a bit.

All standard panels do have a similar pattern: diagonal in one colour. The pattern has a various depth and structure through the different sizes of the balls. The size of a standard panel is 60×60 cm with a high of approximately 10 cm.

For custom made panels the pattern and colour are optional.

Available colours:

Are you interested in the Wool Wall? Please contact us at info@edvek.com or call us on +316 4101 7050.